About Fellow Irish Artists

Fellow Irish Artists

Fellow Irish Artists is a small, independent media production company founded by J.W. Fay in 2024.

J.W. Fay is a lifelong artist and creator in the medium of art house film. He is a living descendant of the Fay Brothers, who established the world’s first artists’ performing center in Dublin at the Abbey Street Theatre in 1904 and founded the Irish National Dramatic Company in 1902.

After struggling for many years to find support for his art projects and receiving no help from Irish arts institutions, which no longer support independent Irish artists, J.W. Fay decided to take action. The Irish arts scene has increasingly become a large financial business, with investors benefiting while Irish artists are sidelined by larger, imposing commercial institutions.

Motivated by a desire to create a small independent body, J.W. Fay aimed to produce independent works with others facing the same commercial challenges. These challenges have made it difficult for professional Irish artists to earn a living and have led to their works being overshadowed by commercial institutions dominating the public art outlets in Ireland. This domination has stifled growth in the performing arts and left many artists without a platform.

Fellow Irish Artists was established to provide opportunities for struggling Irish artists and to reclaim the Irish arts for Irish artists. The company aims to create two free public works and will run a GoFundMe campaign to gain public financial support. The goal is to combat the commercial institutions that have degraded the Irish arts and limited opportunities for artists to earn a living doing what they love. The mission is to create Irish historical projects with artists across Ireland and bring these works to a free international platform.

A small independent media company run by Irish artists for creating free public projects together with other Irish artists.

Art is not free, and without your support, the future of the Irish arts and the artists themselves will be greatly affected. Please support Fellow Irish Artists and our mission to create free public works and provide paid opportunities to Irish artists. We express our deepest gratitude to all who join us in creating the first of what we hope will be many free public works under the banner of Fellow Irish Artists.